TERRONE Coffee Roasters


Terrone Coffee co. is the brainchild of Edy Piro who was born in Salerno, southern Italy, and lived in London since 2002. In 2005, during a visit to Portland, Oregon, he was very impressed by the cafe scene there and saw that there were other ways of drinking coffee-most Italians being very traditional and conservative in their coffee habits.
In his spare time he started sourcing and distributing his own coffee brand, Terrone & Co., which he founded in 2011.
He is the only Italian speciality coffee producer in the UK to roast his own beans in Italy-in a refurbished 1950s Vittoria machine with a customised flame that doesn't hit the beans directly. The result is a slightly more fruity and sweet blend than you might expect from an Italian coffee.
Edy's labels reveal the exact proportions of each blend and his cups are ordered by size, not name: 2,4,6 and 8 oz determine wether you're ordering a neat espresso or a flat white (Bianco piatto).
In the past southern Italians were dismissed as "Terrone"-"workers of the earth"-but, proud of the region's heritage, Edy decided to turn the phrase on its head. It now has growing fan base and won a gold star in the UK great taste award 2012.
(from Caffeine magazine - 3/2012)