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Ciclista Espresso Membership

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Coffee Membership 6 months 
6 x 250g bags shipped once a month

••• NEW BLEND •••

A seasonal light roast blend made with selected single origin arabica beans:

33% Guatemala | El Bosque - Santa Cruz Naranjo
(Coop. Nueva Esperanza)
Catimor, Catuai, Aravigo & Caturra - Wet processed

33% Brazil | Serra do Pau d’Alho - Cabo Verde river area
(Importer: Monte Carmelo)
Sul de Minas Pergamino - Pulped natural

33% Kenya | Nyeri, Embu, Kirinyaga
(Importer: Pacorini)
AA, SL28 & SL34 - Washed, dry fermented, sun-dried


A full bodied and rich cup. Sweet and balanced. Rich and complex tones of milk chocolate with zesty citrus acid tones, leaving a syrupy aftertaste. We loved it as an espresso, it’s the perfect buddy of your milk based drinks.


To get the best from this blend, we recommend the following recipe for a double espresso extraction: 

Dose : 18.2 grams

Brew temperature : 93.5ºC - 94.5ºC

Brew time : 26 - 28 sec

Brew weight: 34 - 36 g

This profile was developed on a La Marzocco GB5 with VST 17g ridgeless baskets – it should be taken as a starting point, and not an absolute. Different machines extract in different ways.

Notes and shipping 

As coffee is roasted in Italy, you will receive it at least after 8 days from its roasting date.