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Ideal Cup ® 12oz

7 GBP / In stock.

Reusable plastic cup by IdealCup® | 12oz


Assorted colours

Environmental Features 

  1. Made in Wellington, New Zealand by local people
  2. 100% Reusable
  3. 100% recyclable
  4. 100% BPA Free
  5. Able to be used with purpose designed reusable lid or a standard 90mm biodegradable and compostable (Certified EN13432 compostable) lid
  6. Sipping hole easily sealed with the rotating insert - safe to carry without spilling and no nasty dribbles in your handbag or on the car floor

 General Features 

  1. Barista grade & friendly - 100mm tall to fit under almost every espresso machine group head
  2. The same volume as a standard takeaway cup 12 oz or 355 ml with internal markings for small and regular size drinks
  3. 100% BPA Free
  4. F.D.A. (US Food and Drug Administration) approved as fully non-toxic
  5. Light-weight, modern design allowing a comfortable hold when hot, keeps the drink hotter for longer
  6. Dishwasher safe
  7. Microwave safe
  8. Fits car cup holders
We are the UK distributors for IdealCup® and can customise them with your corporate colours.

* You will receive a random combination of cup/lid colours, please specify in the order if you have  any preference and we will try our best.